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8 FALL 2018 | NCGA.ORG F R O M T H E C H A I R P E R S O N I n July, the NCGA's own Poppy Hills Golf Course hosted its first USGA championship. Reflecting on the event, a very big smile comes thinking about the unwavering spirit, dedi- cation and commitment exhibited by the 350-plus committed in- dividuals who made the championship special for the participants. In early 2015, while I was NCGA Executive Director working with then-NCGA president Lee Gidney, the NCGA Board of Directors with the consent of the Poppy Holdings Board decided to invite the USGA to host the championship at Poppy Hills. Early in the process a Championship Executive Committee was formed consisting of NCGA CEO Joe Huston, Poppy Hills GM Brad Shupe, NCGA Operations Manager Ryan Gregg and myself. When the players arrived, Poppy Hills was in full USGA regalia. Honorary Host Chair Gail Rogers and Registration Chair Rhonda Mohr led the process which was organized and efficient. Jennifer Noonan, Hospitality Chair, and others from the California Women's Amateur Committee welcomed the girls to the players' lounge. Poppy Hills was at its best. Thanks to Chef Jamie Santiago, House Manager John Whitacre and the entire Porter's staff, dining for the players, volunteers and spectators was extraordinary. Superintendent Matt Muhlenbruch and assistant Lupe Orozco, meanwhile, had the course and practice facilities in consistent championship conditions. The cadre of volunteers—recruited from the core of 200 NCGA tournament officials and over 170,000 strong membership—worked long hours to make the tour- nament experience a lifelong memory for contestants and their families. Craig Oliver and Poppy Hills head pro Scott Adams and his staff oversaw the driving range, practice putting green and chipping area. Trever Benjamin led the outside service crew which facilitated water, snacks and overall site cleanup. Marshal coverage on the course was orchestrated by Vic Ventura and Lee Morris. Paul Layrac organized the walking scorers with Cole Handley, who scheduled the scoreboard volunteers. Art Kerrick recruited and supported the caddies with Jay Clifton's assis- tance. Kerrick and Denny Hoeft organized and trained the Poppy Hills staff that oversaw the parking lot and drove the volunteer shuttles. Kerry Gordon and William Brennan managed the transportation shuttles that connected the Spanish Bay overflow parking site to Poppy Hills. Jay Silverberg, Chris Ceman and Jerry Stewart managed Communications and Marketing duties. Huge thanks also to Pebble Beach Company and managers Rod Schinnerer and Ben Miller, who assisted with 17-Mile Drive access, the Spanish Bay parking area and the scheduling of the "Green Buses." Security, handled by Sam Gross, included the volunteers who safely assisted players across Lopez Road and worked in tandem with Uretsky Security. The NCGA staff—to a person in some manner, outside or inside, out front or behind the curtain—was present wherever help was needed. They along with the NCGA Board of Directors formed a nucleus of volunteers counted on to cover last minute tasks. The USGA management team led by U.S. Girls' Junior Director Tracy Parsons, Assistant John Meyers and U.S. Girls' Junior chair Ginny Zanca did a wonderful job directing the championship. Their relentless pursuit of perfection made every aspect of the experience 5-star. THANK YOU! That team effort made every participant feel like a champion. Championship Reflections BY VAUGHN KEZIRIAN THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA GOLF ASSOCIATION Volume 38, Number 4 Editorial and Business Office: Northern California Golf Association 3200 Lopez Road, Pebble Beach, CA 93953 P: 831-625-4653;; NCGA Staff: Chief Executive Officer: Joe Huston Managing Editor, Asst. Director of Communications: Jerry Stewart Alex Anderson, Trever Benjamin, Toivo Betancourt, Jim Brady, Marissa Brosseau, Chris Ceman, Jamie Cordova, Ben Coronado, Jim Cowan, Ian Dahl, Ryan Dunham, Ryan Farb, Aana Fitzgerald, Lenny Fudenna, Martin Fuentes, Otis Goodwin, Jeremy Gray, Ryan Gregg, Aaron Hartesveldt, Lindsay Horton, Vaughn Kezirian, Rick Leoncio, Jillian MacDonald, Julie McEntee, Helen Nicolayev, Malinda Oliver, Jean Quismundo, Rick Rangel, Atlee Schwab, Spencer Sorensen, Sam Staton, Haley Whitbeck NCGA Board of Directors: Tom Bone (President), Gail Rogers (Vice President), Michael Weeks (Secretary/Treasurer), Patrick Quinn (Immediate Past President) Stacey Baba, Dr. Alfred Brown, Raymond Coates, John Dodsworth, Terry Fitzwater, Gary Fox, Scott Gebhardt, Bob Goldstein, Samuel Gross, Susan Morse, David Pearson, Kevin Peyton, Ed Quinn, Richard Wise Courses Owned by the Northern California Golf Association Poppy Hills Golf Course 3200 Lopez Road, Pebble Beach, CA 93953 P: 831-622-8239;; Poppy Ridge Golf Course 4280 Greenville Road, Livermore, CA 94550 P: 925-456-8202;; Published for the Northern California Golf Association in cooperation with: PGA Magazine Group 2600 Philmont Avenue, Suite 325 Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 Phone: 215-914-2071 Editor: Adam Schupak Advertising: For information, please contact: Brian Folino at 661-312-6412 Vice President, Real Estate & Travel: Mike Agee Regional Advertising Managers: Tom Black, Patrick Cherry, Howard Derkay CEO: Richard K. Summers COO & Art Director: Peter J. Sansone President: Brian Folino Contributing Writers: Jeff Babineau, Al Barkow, Ron Kroichick, Brian Murphy, Alan Shipnuck, Jay Stuller, Julie Williams Business Development Manager: Abraham Summers Production/Pre-Press: Frederick Yantz Design: Steve Higgins (Lead Designer), Jim Gerhard, Matt Hulnick, Marina Kohls Advertising Production Manager: Julie Yuen General Manager, Digital Operations: Matt Frey, PGA Operations: Tom Gauss, Katelyn Leer Accounting: Larisa Kotlyar, Stacy Lombardo Audit Bureau of Circulations Member NCGA Golf (ISSN-1524-4385) is published quarterly by the Northern California Golf Association, 3200 Lopez Road, Pebble Beach, CA 93953. All rights reserved, including right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form. Members pay an annual subscription fee of $1. Printed in U.S.A. Please send change of address notice on Mem- ber Change form (available at your club). 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