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NCGA.ORG | WINTER 2019 37 Courtney that was a big thing and he was blessing it, and it snowballed to us deciding one day down the road that was the spot where we were going to get married. Right there on the tee, 100 on the front and 100 on the back." On June 9, 2012, under a flawless blue sky with an orange hue, the couple did just that, and Nantz carried his bride across the threshold of their new home that night. "They call it Classic California with a terra cotta roof and a big breezeway where we eat a lot of our meals outside under- neath a heat lamp on the veranda that over- looks Carmel Bay and Pebble Beach Golf Links," he says. In their backyard, Nantz built a minia- turized replica of Pebble's seventh hole. Using topography maps to ensure the putting surface and surrounding bunkers were identical, Nantz's architect designed the shot from the tee to be half the distance and the vertical slope from the tee to the putting surface to be half the drop. The theme song to the Masters is part of the rotation of music pumped into the back- ground and Nantz naturally assumes the role of providing play-by-play for his guests. The hole was christened for competition on Feb. 1, 2015, in what Nantz tabbed the Wedding Chapel Open. Inflammation in his right elbow limits Nantz to about a dozen rounds per year. More likely, he'll squeeze in six holes during his kids' mid-afternoon nap, often at Cypress Point. "Round trip from my driveway and back it's 55 minutes and I'll play No. 1, and Nos. 14-18, six of the greatest holes in golf," Nantz says. He already can imagine a bright future in golf for young Jameson, and hopes his son will fall for the game as he did in his youth. "My wife bought him some plastic clubs and he walks around the house all day with it like Bam Bam [in The Flint- stones]. Every day in the backyard he's hitting balls. I'm going to come off like Earl Woods here, but I can't wait to show you this," says Nantz, calling up a swing video on his smartphone. "Look at the shaft lean at impact. Head down. Look at that. It's pretty darn impressive." Indeed, it is. If he thinks his saliva was the consistency of concrete while calling Couples winning the Masters, how about someday hosting the Butler Cabin cere- mony with his son as champion? "That's when I retire," Nantz says. "I'd put the green jacket on him and say Goodbye, friends. I'm done. I've loved every minute of it, but how could I top that?" Then he would retreat to Pebble Beach, to a simple life of taking his family to outdoor performances at the Forest Theater in Carmel-by-the-Sea, camping out at Arnie's table at The Gallery Cafe, and telling stories that leave his audience roaring with laughter like only he can. Just look for him there somewhere under the rainbow.

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