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There's no need to stay loose behind closed doors. Rather, keep your game ajar with two of Small's most unique drills for both impact and flexibility while at home. "A great drill for at-home is grabbing a club, putting it against one side of a door jam or door frame, with the other side of the club, the handle on the other side – so, the clubhead is behind the door and the handle is in front of the door," Small says. "You put your hands in a neutral position right in line with the door jam, and then the hands at impact are forward of the door jam, while the clubhead still stays behind." But you're not done yet. Use that same frame for an excellent extension of your golf muscles (see top photo). "And to practice a great stretch and the radius of a swing with this same drill, start the drill from the middle of the door jam," Small adds. "At the top of the backswing, the right hand should reach to the top, right-hand side of the door jam, which will really give the opportunity to feel that stretch." Controlling and Repeating Impact/ Stretching in a Door Frame NCGA.ORG | WINTER 2019 45

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