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6 WINTER 2019 | NCGA.ORG F R O M T H E E D I T O R A llow me to borrow those welcoming words of Jim Nantz. You'll find out the special meaning behind what has become his signature phrase in our profile of Nantz, the voice of CBS Sports, who will anchor the network's coverage of his 34th AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. In August, I listened to Nantz tell a story that struck a chord with me about his habit of saying how "lucky" he was to have a job that was his childhood dream. "I'd often used the term because I feel so blessed," he explained. "I don't ever want to have the attitude of entitlement like I'm supposed to be doing all this." Then, one day, friend and Pebble Beach neighbor Don Lucas, who once owned 40 car dealerships before passing away in 2017, pulled Nantz aside and corrected him. "You're not lucky. You're fortunate," Lucas said, and explained the difference. "Don was the type of person that when he spoke I was hanging on his every word," Nantz told me. "If you paid attention you'd receive sage advice. He told me, 'Being lucky is someone who scratches off a lottery ticket and wins $1 million.' His point was I had been given an opportunity and made the most of it and turned it into good fortune." We are so fortunate to have Gail Rogers as the latest president of the NCGA. Her profile chronicles her devotion to the game for 30 years. She becomes the NCGA's first female president at a time when Suzy Whaley is presiding as the PGA of America's first female president and Dede Moriarty has taken the reigns of the Northern California PGA Section. What's that old saying – one is an example, two is a coincidence and three is a trend? Rogers, who was once an NCGA employee, became a member of its volunteer board after she retired. She also previously served as president of the Women's Golf Association of Northern California. Her resume of experience is both broad and deep. If you were interviewing her for the job, you might conclude she's overqualified for this position. Having played a round of golf with Rogers in August at Pasatiempo Golf Club, her home course and the subject of our cover story, I can confirm that she has a love and passion for golf and is committed to giving back to the game. In my book, there's no one more committed to improving his game right now than Clovis's own Bryson DeChambeau. Nobody finished 2018 playing better golf than he did. Winning four times on the PGA Tour in a span of 12 events qualifies as a serious heater. Our man on the beat, Alan Shipnuck, details why DeChambeau is a leading contender for the Most Interesting Man in Golf, while Tony L. Starks celebrates a trio of champions at the local club level. We also have you covered on changes to the Rules of Golf, offer tips from Laird Small of Pebble Beach Golf Academy on at-home practice and why you should make plans to pack your clubs for Sacramento and Palm Springs this year. For 28 years, we've been fortunate to listen to Johnny Miller call it like it is for NBC. Miller announced he'd be hanging up his microphone following the Waste Management Phoenix Open. After reading Brian Murphy's column on Miller the family man, you'll realize how fortunate we are to have him hanging around Silverado Resort a little more. You won't meet a better ambassador for golf. If we think about it, we all have many reasons to feel fortunate. Let's save feeling lucky for the next time we slice one toward the out of bounds and it caroms off a tree back into the fairway. Or for a lottery ticket! Hello, friends! BY ADAM SCHUPAK, EDITOR THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA GOLF ASSOCIATION Volume 39, Number 1 Editorial and Business Office: Northern California Golf Association 3200 Lopez Road, Pebble Beach, CA 93953 P: 831-625-4653;; NCGA Staff: Chief Executive Officer: Joe Huston Managing Editor, Asst. Director of Communications: Jerry Stewart Alex Anderson, Toivo Betancourt, Jim Brady, Marissa Brosseau, Chris Ceman, Jamie Cordova, Ben Coronado, Jim Cowan, Ian Dahl, Ryan Dunham, Ryan Farb, Aana Fitzgerald, Lenny Fudenna, Martin Fuentes, Otis Goodwin, Jeremy Gray, Ryan Gregg, Aaron Hartesveldt, Lindsay Horton, Vaughn Kezirian, Rick Leoncio, Jillian MacDonald, Julie McEntee, Helen Nicolayev, Malinda Oliver, Jean Quismundo, Rick Rangel, Spencer Sorensen, Sam Staton, Haley Whitbeck NCGA Board of Directors: Gail Rogers (President), Michael Weeks (Vice President), Bob Goldstein (Secretary/Treasurer), Tom Bone (Immediate Past President) Stacey Baba, Dr. Alfred Brown, Raymond Coates, Terry Fitzwater, Gary Fox, Scott Gebhardt, Bob Miller, Susan Morse, Lance Parker, David Pearson, Kevin Peyton, Ed Quinn, Richard Wise Courses Owned by the Northern California Golf Association Poppy Hills Golf Course 3200 Lopez Road, Pebble Beach, CA 93953 P: 831-622-8239;; Poppy Ridge Golf Course 4280 Greenville Road, Livermore, CA 94550 P: 925-456-8202;; Published for the Northern California Golf Association in cooperation with: PGA Magazine Group 2600 Philmont Avenue, Suite 325 Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 Phone: 215-914-2071 Editor: Adam Schupak Advertising: For information, please contact: Brian Folino at 661-312-6412 Vice President, Real Estate & Travel: Mike Agee Regional Advertising Managers: Tom Black, Patrick Cherry, Howard Derkay CEO: Richard K. Summers COO & Art Director: Peter J. Sansone President: Brian Folino Contributing Writers: Jim Achenbach, Ryan Farb, Ted Johnson, Ron Kroichick, Brian Murphy, Alan Shipnuck, Judd Spicer, Tony L. Starks Business Development Manager: Abraham Summers Production/Pre-Press: Frederick Yantz Design: Steve Higgins (Lead Designer), Jim Gerhard, Matt Hulnick, Marina Kohls Advertising Production Manager: Julie Yuen General Manager, Digital Operations: Matt Frey, PGA Operations: Tom Gauss, Katelyn Leer, Alex Padrón, James Turchick Accounting: Larisa Kotlyar, Stacy Lombardo Audit Bureau of Circulations Member NCGA Golf (ISSN-1524-4385) is published quarterly by the Northern California Golf Association, 3200 Lopez Road, Pebble Beach, CA 93953. All rights reserved, including right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form. Members pay an annual subscription fee of $1. Printed in U.S.A. Please send change of address notice on Mem- ber Change form (available at your club). 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