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16 SPRING 2019 | NCGA.ORG S an Jose resident Phil Llorin definitely has a passion for golf. The now 61-year-old NCGA member hasn't just been playing for over 30 years. He also recently penned the book, 'How to Become a Single Digit Golfer Before RetirementÕ, which among other things offers a path to change your lifestyle and keep you fit for many years before and after retirement. Q: Why did you write your book? Phil Llorin: Most of my colleagues and friends are getting closer to retirement. They are avid golfers, but lack some of the skills that I have learned through PGA instructors and other gifted amateur golfers. Additionally, I observed how and what golfers practice at the driving range and the putting/chipping areas. I wrote the book because I wanted to give other golfers a path to potentially become a very skilled golfer. Moreover, it was from a different perspective from the normal PGA instructor/teacher. I was coming from an amateur viewpoint. Knowing what worked for me, while not hav- ing 120 mph driver club head speed. Q: How did you originally get into golf? Llorin: A good friend of mine, Mark Taku, got me started in golf — setting me up with clubs, bag, balls, shoes and lessons. At that point, we went to the driving range a couple of times a week during lunch. I didn't care about lunch and eating if I could better my swing. He introduced me to his dad, Karl, and I had my first official golf lessons. I immediately got hooked and spent every weekend working on my short game and full swing technique. Q: What do you think would help grow the game? Llorin: Most people, who are successful in business, want mir- rored accomplishment when playing golf. Just like in their business, each was taught to be prosperous by a mentor. It rarely happens on accident. Simple steps, such as working on flexibility, fitness, effective practice and technique will propel anyone to become as great as they want to be. Obviously, older golfers are limited by speed and flexibility. But you can make up strokes and distance by learning your carry distance, being able to fade or draw the ball and having an exceptional short game. This will not only get the retirement-age golfers more engaged and happier when they step off the 18th green, but they will be excited about spending time practicing and ultimately playing more throughout the year. Q: What motivates you to get out and play? Llorin: Ever since I started playing over 30 years ago, I always wanted to excel in the game. I am super competitive in anything I do. After my introduction to the game, I overdid it and practiced five to six days a week as well as worked for a living. There was no balance. Having a plan for practice, working out, cardio and playing a round is what has worked for me. For the past couple of years, I joined a local men's club and try to play every week. You always want to play to see if your practice and work-out sessions are coming into fruition. It's the ultimate test. Phil Llorin – NCGA Member: San Jose Muni Golf Club S H A G B A G Getting Ready Want to learn more about Pebble Beach Golf Links before heading down for the U.S. Open? If so, you'll want to check out "The Ultimate Round: Pebble Beach Golf Links." This compendium includes hole-by-hole graphics accompanied by historical anecdotes, players' tips and striking images from renowned photographer Joann Dost. Notables of the game also provide quotes and testimonials as to what makes Pebble Beach "the ultimate" destination. An introduction by noted Pebble Beach historian Neal Hotelling, a feature on the Pebble Beach Golf Academy by Laird Small and a gallery section of artful Dost images round out the hardcover. NCGA members receive a 20% discount when purchasing at Dost's website ( Enter promo code NCGA20. Faces of the NCGA Accolades E-Club Central Valley member Abraham Attouleh won 2018 Weekend Net Tour Player of the Year honors. Attouleh, 46, finished T-3 at the WNT Finals at Poppy Hills to end the season in first place with 6,995 points.

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