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true Scottish tradition." "Overall," Doak wrote, "I would highly recommend a quick nine at Pacific Grove for your first evening in Monterey, as a warmup for things to come." Or, if you're lucky enough to be a Pacific Grove Bandit, you can be first off the first tee every Saturday where you will fight for every nickel and dime while giving no quarter. "It's not about high stakes," Sanchez says. It's more about recognizing "quietly spectacular" when you see and feel it. Put another way: If you take Pacific Grove Links for what it is, you just might fall in love with the place. If you expect it to be something it isn't, you will be missing the point. Meanwhile the Bandits, secure and appreciative in their privilege, will continue to sweep the Pacific Grove dew and patrol its Saturday dawns. Until they can't. 42 SPRING 2019 | NCGA.ORG T o the joint credit of the powers-that-be at Pacific Grove Golf Links and leaders of the Pacific Grove Women's Golf Club, women are not left behind here. In fact the women of the PGWGC are leaders in more than one area. As a group, they pay more attention to the rules of golf than their male counterparts. And contrary to a notion that has existed far too long, PG's women are more attuned to pace of play. "In all the years I worked as the ranger at PG, I never had to tell a group of women to play faster," says Jerry Robertson, retired now but still a tireless ambassador in welcoming and recruiting players of both genders to join the course's various clubs. PGWGC members play every Wednesday morning out of a shotgun start. There is also a women's 9-hole group, affectionately known as the "Niners" in a nod to the NFL team to the north. The Niners play every Monday morning. "My favorite part is the camaraderie," says Lin Blaskovich, a co-captain of the PGWGC. "It's also a little like a church group. If someone gets sick, everyone rallies around. It's a nice friendly group." The PGWGC also contributes with an annual charity play day. Two-time women's club champion Cathy Smith, who may have the most fundamentally sound golf swing – male or female at PG – praises the "welcoming" aspect of the PGWGC. "Although we are competitive," she says, "it's still a lot of fun. And we all just love the course." The women of PG play it at 5,305 yards with a course rating of 70.2 and a slope of 116. "It's very playable for us," Smith says. Adds former PG GM Kevin Williams, "I think it's much more fun to play a golf course this length for the ladies than it is to go out and get beat up at some of the more modern courses." In September, as part of a renovation partnership between the municipality of Pacific Grove and CourseCo, PG's management company, a water conservation tank will be installed under the sixth tee. The dirt moved for that project will be transported to the left side of the forward hill at the current 504-yard par 5 fifth to help build a new "up" tee box for the women. Bottom line: More women will now have a better chance of hitting the fifth green in regulation. Management listens, Blaskovich says. And the women of Pacific Grove appreciate it. "I just think we take a lot of pride in our course," Smith says. "We care for it." —Brian Hewitt Pac Grove Women Pack a Punch, Too DAVID ROYAL Members of Pacific Grove Women's Golf Club on the 16th tee (from left to right): Maureen Lyon, Jan Bruns, Pam Dewald, Anita Gonzalez, Connie Biddinger, Sheila Billich, Nina Harrison, Dorothy Owen, LeeAnn McClenahen, Katy McDonald, Michelle Angelo, Lin Blaskovich, Lynn Zwagerman, Dorothy Miller, and Noreen Nance.

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