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Imagine that I'm charging at you like the running of the bulls in Pamplona. Get ready to dodge me! How do your legs and feet feel now? Experience your body in this dodging set-up. Is this how you normally set up to a ball? This is the set- up you've been designed for. If you're dodging a big person, that's your driver. Dodging a small person is a pitching wedge. Compare your old set-up to this new one. Which gets you more ready for action? Set-Up Now get ready to dodge again, but with your hands in front of you. Look at the position of the top of your hands and wrists. Can you match this position with your grip? Modeling your grip from this natural hand position will maximize your freedom and allow for a naturally square clubface at impact. If it feels different than your old grip, stay with it a while. If you're transforming your game back to your natural instincts, your body will accept the change and the learning period will be far shorter than usual. If you're working on a method that doesn't fit your body, the learning period takes much longer. It doesn't take that much time to return to your instincts. Grip NCGA.ORG | SPRING 2019 57

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