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58 SPRING 2019 | NCGA.ORG How do the hands and arms integrate with this turn? Most people take their backswing past their ideal position at the top but there's a spot that's ideal for your swing and here's how we find it: Place your hand in a spot where you'd naturally throw from. Try it higher/lower and see where it feels right for you. Notice not only the height of your hand in this spot, but where it is in relation to your shoulder. No one can tell you whether your swing should be upright or flat, but you can discover a place from which you've propelled things since you were a child. Now with your body turned and your right hand in its top spot, see if your left hand can reach your right. Most people can't reach it so bring your right hand down a bit (below your spot) to where your left hand can reach it. Right comes down, not the other way around. This is the place at the top from which you can produce the most power and efficiency. Top of the Swing Get into your dodging stance again. Place your arms across your chest. Now, imagine someone's behind you, to your right (if you're right-handed) and just turn to look at them. How does this feel in your torso, legs, hips and feet? Pay particular attention to your hips and how they work under you. This is your most natural turn. There's no sway, no reverse weight shift. I haven't met a person who doesn't know how to turn. Pay attention to how your body does it. Now turn again and this time, bring your eyes back to the ball. Next, bring enough energy to your legs to move towards your target. This is your natural turn, ready to respond to a target. Notice what it feels like. Hip & Shoulder Turn

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