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60 SPRING 2019 | NCGA.ORG I suggest you take on developing one aspect of your innate model at a time. To explore them all may overload your senses. In addition to refining your senses, using a mirror or a camera to confirm what you're doing—versus what you think you're doing—will promote learning. Getting accurate feedback without judgment (right/wrong) is the fastest way to develop. Each body is different and discovering your particular design—revealing it to yourself—and playing from there can be the greatest golf adventure you'll ever be on. It could guide you to discover what's instinctual with your clubface, your timing, your pre-shot, your chipping and putting. If the context is clear—that I already have something natural and let's discover it—then the process can be taken to any area of your game. And like that old saying, be yourself; everyone else is already taken. Going Forward What path should you take to get to the top? How do your arms swing up to get to your spot? Place your right hand at address and feel the path it traces to get to your spot. That's it. No one seems to go way inside or outside to get there. Again, simple. Now put a club in your right hand and swing it to the spot. Then try it with your left. Then with both hands. Do your arms/hands traverse the same path as in your instinctual motion? Swing Path If you can get to the top with the right amount of energy, with a turn and arms/hands that fit your body's design, the downswing is the easiest part of all. It's a response to a target, a letting go. Yet, almost all golfers under-utilize their body. To explore your body's sophisticated ability to sequence, simply throw under-handed (one hand) to a target. Toss a ball and watch. Observe and feel how fully your body—torso, hips, feet—is used. This way of swinging, propelling something to a target, is as natural to you as is your DNA. Downswing

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