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NCGA.ORG | SUMMER 2019 43 Chip or Die If I had to pick one signature game for our program it would have to be "Chip or Die." It's a great team-building exercise, and a drill we usually do at the end of practice. Everyone chips from around a green and we start at the same time from different spots. You have to get up and down and advance to the next station. The object of the game is to get back to the place where you started without "dying." If you miss once, you announce, "I'm on watch." Two in a row and you're dead and you have to start over. We do offer one lifeline: if someone chips in, that player can save you. A lot of times, dessert is the team's reward for success at this drill. Everyone who has ever played for me has been there, done that. Former members of the team always come back and ask, "Do you still do Chip or Die?" and the answer is "Yes!" Cat and Mouse This drill is our version of playing a game of horse in basketball. It's a fun way for teammates to compete and execute a given shot. You pick five targets and the first to hit the five shots wins the game. Start with the closest target and progress to the farthest. If the first player or mouse fails to hit within five feet of the 100-yard flag, for instance, then player 2 or the cat gets a chance to hit to that target and can continue to the next target and try to complete the task of all five targets.

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