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44 SUMMER 2019 | NCGA.ORG Range Rounds I'm a big believer in visualization. We often do a drill on the range at Metropolitan Links where we mentally prepare for our next tournament by pretending we are playing a round on its upcoming course. So you hit a tee shot on the first hole and play the hole from the practice tee in your mind. You use one ball only and the goal is to try and get a feel for the clubs you will have to hit in the tournament. We are strict about having our players put the club back in the bag and do everything as if it is a real round except putting the bag on their back and walking to the next shot. This drill usually takes about an hour. The 3-Foot- Confidence Drill This is Jay, my husband's, favorite drill. He always says everyone can make 3 footers. It's a matter of putting in the time and being diligent about your practice. Our drill requires you to make 40 putts in a row. If you hole over 20 in a row and you miss on No. 25, for instance, you go back to 20, but miss twice in a row and you start over at zero. You can miss once but let's not do it again, or you're going to get penalized. We call it the confidence drill because if you can make 3 footers, it does wonders for your golf. Once you know you're going to make it from 3 feet, you assume you'll make it from 4 feet and you're probably going to from five. You know you're not going to 3-putt from 20 feet because you can't miss from 3 feet. It gives you a psychological edge, and does a lot of good for your stroke. You have to roll the ball correctly if you are going to make 40 in a row. You can't hit wobbly putts and do it.

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