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T he chase for 2018-19 Girls' and Boys' Players of the Year honors are winding down. But there's still a lot to be determined. In the Girls' race, Madelyn Gamble, who finished fifth in last year's standings, was in the lead (as of June 22) but there was still the Summer Series III and IV Championships, the California Junior Girls' State Championship and the season- ending JTNC Tour Championship (to be held July 29-20 at Poppy Hills GC), where the winner will receive 500 points. Over in the Boys' race, Dylan McDermott led the pack with the Summer Series III and IV and Tour Championship still looming. Still a high school junior, McDermott, who's had a break- through year, didn't finish in the top 25 last season. Here's how things stacked up in the Player of the Year standings as of June 22: 66 SUMMER 2019 | NCGA.ORG J U N I O R T O U R Toward the Finish Line The Junior Tour of Northern California is sponsored by Capital Insurance Group. A mong the many lessons Folsom resident Noor Ahmed learned from her JTNC days was to always be yourself. Now a sophomore playing as the No.2 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Ahmed is a shining example of that credo. She's been garnering national press due to being the only golfer at the college level or higher known to wear a hijab while competing. It hasn't always been rosy. Having grown up in the post-9/11 era, Ahmed, like many Muslims in the U.S., has been a target for bullying and verbal abuse. But she won't change who she is. Instead, it only fuels Ahmed. She says her goal is to continue helping to break down stereotypes and to diversify the sports industry. Ahmed also hopes fellow Muslim girls are watching and encouraged to pursue their dreams despite environments that are sometimes unwelcoming. "I'm proud of her for embracing that responsibility and for the maturity she displays facing challenges she has to deal with on a daily basis," Nebraska coach Robin Krapfl told Golf World. "She's an impressive young woman." JTNC Alumni Watch Breaking Barriers GIRLS BOYS Rank Name Points 1 Madelyn Gamble 1,828 2 Danielle Suh 1,696 3 Claire Chen 1,193 4 Jaclyn Laha 1,148 5 Mika Jin 1,080 Rank Name Points 1 Dylan McDermott 1,394 2 Sam Sommerhauser 1,236 3 Caleb Shetler 946 4 Sebastian Iqbal 865 5 Jackson Koivun 828 AP

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