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38 SPRING 2017 | WWW.NCGA.ORG Do you favor any particular style of courses on the PGA Tour? Golf comes and goes and when you are on you need to ride the wave a s long as possible. So for that reason I feel like when I am playing well I can have a strong finish or win on any course. That said, I have never enjoyed all Bermuda grass courses but have almost won on a few of them. Your amateur partner in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am every year is New England Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick. How did that relationship begin? It's always fun playing with coach in the AT&T. About six years ago we got paired together through a mutual friend who thought we would have fun together and there was also a connection with my dad (Bruce) being an ex-NFL player with the Patriots. How do you spend your time away from golf competition and do you watch tournaments on TV when you're not playing? I do not watch much golf when I am not playing unless a buddy or two are in the hunt on the weekend. I keep busy with my two kids both under six years old. Now that's work! How did the Ricky & Suzanne Barnes Foundation start? The Foundation evolved when I started playing in charity and foun- dation events throughout the year with other PGA Tour players. I felt my wife and family could make an impact in the Stockton com- munity where we both grew up. Our biggest beneficiary is the First Tee of San Joaquin Valley, but we've also been able to help many others in the past five years such as one.TLC, Morgan Amelia Foundation and providing equipment for youth programs. So far, we've raised more than $650,000 mainly through our annual pro-am at Stockton G&CC. How do you adjust to the weekly grind of the PGA Tour? The biggest adjustment each week is the firmness and speed of the g reens. I have to spend time getting comfortable enough to be able to judge the bounce and speed. Who would be in your dream foursome and where would you like to play the round? M y dream foursome would be Dad, bro, and Larry Bird. I always looked up to Larry Bird. We would play Spyglass Hill, one of my favorites and it just so happens to be in Northern California. What was it about Martis Camp that drew you there to build a home? While growing up, I always loved the Lake Tahoe area and the seasons in Truckee are absolutely awesome. Martis Camp has the best of both worlds. My family and I love golf and the snow and there's no better place in the country than Martis Camp. We feel very lucky to be able to have a home there. Your wife Suzanne is a professional volleyball player. Who is more com- petitive and would you encourage your kids to play a professional sport? We are both very competitive. Ten years ago, I'm not really sure who would have been more competitive but I do know the past five to six years, I am. She has given up volleyball to be a great mother and wife. We would love to see our kids play sports for sure since they were and are a huge part of our lives. It's a great way for kids to stay busy and keep parents young, as well. What is your greatest moment in profes- sional golf and most memorable round? My greatest moment so far was winning the 2002 U.S. Amateur with my brother on the bag. Most memorable round would probably be the 62 I shot in the third round at Memorial in 2010. I was partnered with Tiger and Dustin Johnson and I was playing great and then we stopped due to a rain delay for about three hours. But I was able to come back out and keep it going. Very fun. What is your advice for junior golfers with aspirations of playing on the PGA or LPGA Tour? My advice would be to enjoy other sports and not focus on just one too early. Other- wise, I feel some kids get burned out. If you are good enough at one of them, your sport will find you. If it happens to be golf, then you have to grind and you can never be too good at the short game. Do you think golf is doing enough today to grow the game? Yes, golf is doing a great job at growing the game through a lot of different avenues. One is The First Tee, which we love being a part of. It also helps having a lot of the tour players help out in as many ways as we can. W E S T A I R C H A R T E R P R I C E P L E D G E PRICE PLEDGE G U A R A N T E E D P R I C I N G 888.511.5004 | >LZ[(PY *OHY[LY HUK P[Z ÅLL[ VM 7PSH[\Z 7*ZJH[LY[V`V\YZJOLK\SL6\YHJJLZZ [V ZTHSSLY HPYWVY[Z THRLZ P[ LHZPLY [V NL[ [VYLTV[LSVJH[PVUZVќLYPUNHUHќVYKHISL ^H` MVY MV\YZVTLZ [V [YH]LS [V [OL [VW I\KKPLZ[YPW KLZ[PUH[PVUZ :P[ IHJR YLSH_HUKLUQV`[OLYPKL

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