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E Q U I P M E N T F O R U M B race yourself to be wowed for what may be the best new lot of drivers to ever hit the market. Collectively, they incorporate so many new weighting schemes, technologies and lightweight materials that almost assure extra distance and forgiveness off the tee, regardless how old your current driver. And most are designed to help get the ball airborne easier than past models. When you're ready to test, seek a model properly adjusted to your unique swing tempo and path, as well as your optimal launch angle and preferred feel and impact sound. In fact, have a clubfitter assist to determine the best club and settings for your swing to maximize performance. Warning: Prices have crept up this year, so you have to decide if it's worth- while to hit more fairways off the tee box with added consistency. ■ Tour Edge's 460cc Exotics XJ1 sports a "Supermetal" body combining titanium a nd Kevlar with tungsten sole weights that results in solid distance across the clubface - e ven on off-center impacts. A large, thin- e dged clubface plate is reactive at impact to h elp generate distance. An ultra-light shaft h elps slower and mid-speed swings generate extra power for distance, too. Ten-gram heel and toe stability bars enhance forgiveness while an adjustable t ungsten heel weight enhances draw bias. MSRP: $700 | 54 SPRING 2017 | WWW.NCGA.ORG E xtremely successful since its 2016 launch, P ING's loft-adjustable G was inspired by a dragonfly's intricate wing pattern. The result is ultra- thin crown sections that create extreme low and deep center of gravity to maximize the driver's moment of inertia for forgiveness. Turbulators on the crown significantly help reduce drag through impact to rev up distance. The driver is available in three models based on desired trajectory: G Standard, G SF Tec for straight flight and G LS Tec for low spin. MSRP: $435 | Callaway's 460cc, adjustable-lofted GBB Epic seduces you with its shiny black clubhead, green accents and inviting, deep-faced shaping. A sliding weight track toward the rear perimeter of the sole lets you fine tune draw bias. This driver is long, thanks to the highly touted "Jailbreak Technology" that consists of two internal vertical columns connecting the crown and sole. It focuses more impact load on the face for extra ball speed and distance all across. MSRP: $500 | Long Drivers Within Your Reach BY SCOTT KRAMER

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