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E Q U I P M E N T F O R U M W hen our game is in need of a tune-up, we don't always have time for a lesson. On such occasions, it helps having some useful tools lying around to sharpen your game. And that's why training aids are so key: You can use them for just a few minutes to remind you of what needs to be done to improve your swing, putting stroke, tempo or whatever your focus may be. It seems like the most effective training aids are the simplest to use. If you take a few minutes to learn the nuances and understand what a certain training aid can accomplish, it can pay major dividends in improving your game. To help ease the learning process, many training aids come with brief instruction videos or DVDs. If they don't, it's likely that a PGA professional has posted a YouTube video instructing golfers how to make the most of the tool. Which ones should you try? That depends on what part of your game needs help. Here's our suggestions: 46 SUMMER 2017 | NCGA.ORG Developing consistent and correct wrist hinge, as well as release patterns, can take hours of repetition. The Impact Snap allows golfers to quickly and effectively learn the proper usage of the hands and wrists during the golf swing. With a simple "click" sound, the easy-to-use device— comprised of a golf grip, an internal sliding weight and a small steel component attached to a yellow ball—audibly lets the user know when the proper motion has been attained. If the sound is heard too early, the user also knows the hand/wrist alignment is out of synch. MSRP: $89 | Renowned instructor Dave Pelz and five- time major winner Phil Mickelson, have collaborated on a putting feedback device that helps groove aim, stroke quality, square impact and hone green reading skills. The Dave Pelz Putting Tutor features alignment guides to reinforce proper aim at address and a white "AimLine" that shows the starting line of each putt. Two metal marbles either stay in place or become dislodged based on the quality of each putting stroke. MSRP: $49.99 | The Orange Whip – essentially an orange ball at the end of a long, extra-whippy shaft—strives to sharpen your rhythm and tempo, improve balance, increase clubhead speed and develop lag and load. Practice with it each day and you'll enhance strength and flexibility in your swing. It's offered in four lengths, but the most-popular one is the original 47.5-inch- long model that weighs just 1.75 pounds. The others are shorter and lighter, including one specifically for juniors. MSRP: $109 | A B C TRAINING AIDS TO THE RESCUE BY SCOTT KRAMER A

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