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E F C B NCGA.ORG | SPRING 2017 47 The Australian-made Swingyde is lightweight and designed to correct various swing positions, particularly the correct hinge position at the top of a backswing. It also remedies any clubface alignment issues throughout the swing, which leads to more distance and accuracy, plus lower scores. It's suitable for righties and lefties, and is used in practice by Tour pros worldwide. Simple to use, it clamps to a shaft and then cradles a golfer's leading forearm during the swing. MSRP: $35 | The Tour Striker 7-iron is ideal for intermediate and advanced golfers wanting to improve ball contact on full swings. It also helps to gain shot control from within 100 yards. The stainless steel club features a small clubface with grooves below the sweet spot— essentially encouraging golfers to hit down on the ball—resulting in the forward shaft lean that Tour pros get. MSRP: $90 | The FOCUS Putting Training Aid helps you effortlessly commit your putting stroke to muscle memory—regardless of your putting style—while eliminating unnecessary wrist and body movement. One end attaches to your putter grip and the other cradles your sternum, which essentially teaches you to use your ribs, spine, shoulders, arms and putter as one moving part. And you'll instantly notice when the center sensor is not in the right position. It fits any putter and grip size. MSRP: $100 | D D E F

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