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NCGA.ORG | FALL 2017 45 Two-Handed Putter I f you think it's hard putting with two hands together, try putting with your hands apart. At the 1990 U.S. Junior Amateur at Lake Merced, I befriended Jay Hebert, winner of the 1960 PGA Championship. One day, he said to me, "Come on little lady, I'm going to give you the best lesson on the putting green you've ever had." What he said was very simple: you have to move the handle and the head together. I've used that philosophy both with my own game and my students. I use a two-handled putter as a training aid. It produces the feeling of making a stroke without using the hands—and instills the feeling of the club and hands moving together. Rhythm and Flow T o help my students feel the different swing speeds needed for short game shots, I've often likened it to music. You have to find the right rhythm. When I'm pitching, I'm thinking of a good waltz with a 1-2-3 tempo. If you're an auditory learner, a helpful tool is a metronome. Download a metronome app onto your smart phone and follow the beat.

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