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34 WINTER 2018 | NCGA.ORG I N S T R U C T I O N SIMULATE SUCCESS Golf simulators are no longer just for rainy days. They can help you improve your game. PGA pro Jeff Ritter uses Poppy Hills' new simulator to show you 8 steps to success. BY JEFF RITTER Boost Your Ball Flight Every golfer would like to swing the club faster. One of the easiest ways to hit a longer tee shot, however, is to simply strike more up on your golf ball. Start by placing the ball on a nice high tee, where at least half the ball is above the top line of your driver. Make sure the ball position is forward in your stance somewhere between the heel and midpoint of your lead foot. As you swing through the ball, think of creating an angle of attack where the club head travels from "low to high" through contact. With the tee substantially elevated the strike point should occur higher or above the middle of the face as well. Catch- ing the ball with an ascending attack and high-face hit creates a high-launching, low-spin shot. When you get it right, the simulator will show a positive upward launch angle at or a little above 12 degrees. Adjustment in launch reveals a graphical and numeric change in shot apex, carry and total distance as evidence of real improvement. 2

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