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36 WINTER 2018 | NCGA.ORG Find Your Groove Rhythm is the glue that holds your swing together. The world's best play- ers demonstrate a 3:1 tempo ratio between back swing and down swing. This simulator displays an image of the proper tempo in motion along with audible tones to follow through each segment of the swing. One tip that's really helpful for achieving this ratio is exercising some patience at the top of the swing. Try tossing a ball up in the air. Notice how there's a moment of quiet between the top of the toss and when the ball begins to fall back to earth. This "transition" is a great example of how your golf swing transition should look as well. Chart Your Progress Analytics are a big part of defining what's happening with your game. I commonly hear players profess how good their putting or short game is or how straight they hit the golf ball. After some analyt- ical review it's clear that perception and reality don't always match up. Simulators are designed to collect data from every shot showing detailed performance related trends. This data identifies your weaknesses so you can practice more effectively. 4 5

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