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NCGA.ORG | WINTER 2018 37 Develop Creative Genius Playing "games" can help you play a better game. Hitting a dart board, or knocking windows out of a building help you practice shots and are great for developing your imagination and shot-making skills. Simulator games also allow you to play against friends or family and rack up points in a fun arcade-style setting. When on the golf course, picture shots as if you're still playing a video game. It's a fun way to use your imagination and creative spirit to shoot lower scores. Read 'em Right You would think a simulator would be the last place you could learn something about reading a putting green but I disagree. Heat maps and motion-oriented slope graphics provide a detailed understanding of what you should be looking for on the course. High and low areas are marked with warm colors (high) and cool colors (low). In a live session, white lines in the slope grid animate across the green showing subtle changes in slope throughout the putt. A great green reader is a master of surveying the terrain and collecting clues that lead to one's best putting effort. Putting in the simulator and using the mapping tools train your brain to be more mindful when on the putting surface. 6 7 Find Your Competitive Spirit There's nothing like the thrill of showcasing your skills in competition. Many golfers, however, are so nervous and self-conscious about their games they never make the leap to competi- tive golf. An exciting feature of the GOLFZON simulator is the ability to enter and compete in an ongoing series of online tournaments. Any time of day, there's a tournament going on where you can play the game's greatest courses while competing against players from all over the world without the stress of performing in front of others. Having fun in this format can be a fantastic way to inspire the leap to on-course tournament play! 8 Jeff Ritter is the founder of MAKE THE TURN Performance, a Golf Channel Academy at Poppy Hills G.C. in Pebble Beach. For more information visit Interested in simulator golf? Use the code NCGA and receive up to $1,500 off a GOLFZON Simulator as part of your NCGA Member Benefits! Discount only applies to California-based installations.

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