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B LAST MOTION ELECTRONIC SENSOR T he Blast golf sensor, which fits on the grip end of a putter, has become extremely popular a mong touring professionals, including brand ambassador Brad Faxon and short-game i nstructors. The Blast device is all about timing, rhythm, s peed and direction. According to Greg Sabella, Blast's senior director of sports marketing, a c onsistent putting stroke features a through s troke that is twice as quick as the back stroke (for example, .6 seconds for the back stroke and . 3 seconds for the through stroke). Blast measures these metrics, as well as the a mount of face rotation and the position of the face at impact. M SRP: $149 | CLUB GLOVE LAST BAG LARGE PRO TRAVEL BAG I n 1990, when Jeff Herold introduced the Club Glove golf travel bag, he solved a long- r unning problem for PGA Tour players. "Their travel bags lasted 6-8 weeks," Herold r ecalled. "There was a need for something indestructible, and nobody was filling that need." Today, Club Glove dominates the market. Approximately 200 touring pros use his product. "We're No. 1 by far. It's not even close," Herold says of his ballistic travel bags, which feature impact-resistant materials. "There are only two reasons why they change travel bags—one, it gets stolen; two, it gets dirty." MSRP: $319 | ECCO HYBRID BIOM 3 GOLF SHOES When Fred Couples wore spikeless Ecco golf shoes at the 2010 Masters, he changed the sport. Today more than 75% of touring pros wear spikeless shoes. Ecco's newest spikeless shoe is the Hybrid Biom 3, featuring the company's advanced technology that creates a snug heel setting with a roomier forefoot area that allows toes to move naturally. Biom Natural Motion technology is based on the scans of 2,500 athlete's feet. It brings you closer to the ground while offering an anatomical last shape with superb cushioning and advanced support. Unlike previous models of the Hybrid Biom, the latest version includes Gore-Tex waterproof construction. MSRP: $200 (men's); $180 (women's) | FLAT CAT PUTTER GRIP The FlatCat putter grip from Lamkin, much like the SuperStroke putter grip before it, is designed to produce a repeatable putting stroke. FlatCat does this by designing each side of the grip to be in a parallel plane with the putter face. This symmetry suits most touring pros. As a result, the grip can easily be used with many different putting styles—including traditional, claw, saw, left-hand low and others. FlatCat is available in five sizes. MSRP: $24.99 | G ET FIT LIKE A PRO AT CLUB CHAMPION C lub Champion, headquartered in suburban Chicago, is making its mark in what could be l abeled as a new retail category in golf— premium club fitting. I f you're still buying your clubs "off the rack," you're missing out. The Club Champion e xperience is as close to a PGA Tour player experience as you will find. Rather than c onduct its fitting with pre-assembled clubs f rom demo carts, Club Champion concentrates on providing a huge variety of test clubs that a re joined together (shafts and clubheads) with state-of-the-art connectors. This allows the c ompany to offer thousands of combinations in the fitting process. C lub Champion, known for its detailed selection of components, has more than 20 r etail outlets in major U.S. cities and expects to expand to more than 35 by the summer of 2018. F ittings can be customized from wedges to the full bag. M SRP: $80-$350 | IMPACT BAG I nvented more than 30 years ago by PGA Master Professional Gary Wiren, the Impact Bag is designed to reinforce the position of the golf club and the body at impact. Golfers swing into the Impact Bag, which can be used for a number of drills—such as producing more power or learning to hit a draw. The impact concept came from three-time British Open champion Henry Cotton, who asked his students to swing a club at a rubber tire. Wiren decided to use a flexible yet sturdy material for the outside of his Impact Bag, filling the inside with old clothing. More than 125,000 of the yellow bags have been sold and led to scores of copycats. "The Impact Bag trains the user to feel the most important position of the clubface and body at the most important time, impact ... the moment of truth," Wiren said. MSRP: $39.99 | NIKON COOLSHOT 80i VR LASER RANGEFINDER Knowing the exact distance used to be half the battle, but not anymore. Modern golf rangefinders have made a huge leap forward in quality and versatility. Nikon, known primarily for its cameras, has developed a laser rangefinder with a total emphasis on stability. Locking in the flag can be a challenge, but the Coolshot 80i VR (Vibration Reduction) makes it easy, reducing the vibration caused by hand movement. Many golfers actually will be able to use this rangefinder with one hand—not two, while struggling with weather conditions or physiological challenges. The 80i VR is so precise that it is possible to measure distance to bunkers, water hazards, doglegs and other golf course obstacles. For panoramic distance acquisition, press and hold the power button and the rangefinder will continuously measure various yardages for eight seconds. MSRP: $449.95 | 2 5 1 5 2 3 6 4 7

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