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WWW.NCGA.ORG | WINTER 2018 81 A dministration: Joe Huston, Chief Executive Officer; Vaughn Kezirian, A ssistant Director of Membership and Competitions; Malinda Oliver, E xecutive Assistant; Helen Nicolayev, Receptionist. Accounting: Aana F itzgerald, Controller; Marissa Brosseau, Finance and Accounting M anager; Jean Quismundo, Staff Accountant; Svetlana Gavrilenko, S taff Accountant; Jillian MacDonald, Staff Accountant. C ommunications: Richard J. Cerame, Director of Communications; J erry Stewart, Assistant Director of Communications. Handicapping: J im Cowan, Director of Course Rating and Handicapping; Martin F uentes, Assistant Director of Handicapping; Jeremy Gray, Assistant D irector of Course Rating. Human Resources: Jim Brady, Director of H uman Resources and Safety; Jamie Cordova, Human Resources and S afety Coordinator. Information Technology:Lenny Fudenna, Director o f Information Technology; Ben Coronado, Information Technology S ervices Manager; Toivo Betancourt, Web Development Manager. Y outh on Course: Adam Heieck, Executive Director of the NCGA F oundation; Michael Lowe, Foundation Program Director; Jeff Clark, D evelopment Director; Kaitlyn Petrando, Communications Manager; D evin Meheen, Program Manager. Marketing and Membership: K risten Nostrand, Senior Director of Growth; Julie McEntee, Director o f Marketing; Rick Rangel, Director of Membership; Lindsay Horton, A ssistant Director of Membership; Chris Ceman, Assistant Director of M arketing, Membership and Communications. Rules and C ompetitions: Ryan Gregg, Senior Director of Operations; Ryan Farb, D irector of Rules and Competitions; Aaron Hartesveldt, Director of J unior Tour of Northern California; Sam Staton, Director of Events and Travel; Rick Leoncio, Assistant Director of Rules and Competitions; O tis Goodwin, Assistant Director of Rules and Competitions; Ryan D unham, Assistant Director of Rules and Competitions; Alex Anderson, C oordinator Rules and Competitions; Spencer Sorensen, Assistant D irector of Events and Travel; Haley Whitbeck, Assistant Director, J unior Tour of Northern California. Po p py Hills : p o p p yh ills g o lf.c o m • 831- 250- 1819 • Po rt er's in t h e Fo res t : 831- 622- 8237 2018 NCGA STAFF Poppy Ridge: • 925-447-6779 • The Grill at Poppy Ridge: 925-456-8215

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