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For this year's quiz we're going to take a look back at some of the Rules that only will be in effect for the next year. In each of these questions, the currently proposed 2019 Rules would change the ruling. But we still have one more year under the current set of Rules and need to know them. BY RYAN FARB R U L E S O F G O L F 82 WINTER 2018 | NCGA.ORG In match play, a player sets up for a difficult shot out of a dry lateral water hazard. During his backswing, his club touches and moves several loose leaves behind the ball in the hazard. He completes the swing and hits the ball onto the green. What is the ruling? A. There is no penalty. B. The player incurs a one-stroke penalty. C. The player loses the hole if his opponent makes a claim. Answer: C. Rule 13-4 prohibits touching or moving a loose impediment in the same hazard prior to the stroke being made. The proposed Rule 15.1 permits loose impediments to be moved anywhere on the course, except in the area where a ball is to be replaced or that might affect a ball in motion. 2018 NCGA Annual Rules Quiz Prior to a stroke from just off the putting green, a player has her fellow competitor attend the flagstick. Once the stroke is made, the fellow competitor removes the flagstick but does not see the ball rolling toward her feet. The ball strikes her foot and ricochets into the hole. What is the ruling? A. There is no penalty and the ball is holed. B. The player incurs a two-stroke penalty and the ball is holed. C. The player incurs a two-stroke penalty and must cancel and replay the stroke. Answer: B. The player incurs a penalty under Rule 17-3 for striking the person attending the flagstick and the ball must be played as it lies. The proposed Rule 13.2d provides no penalty for this incident and the ball is holed. A player hits his second shot onto the putting green. He realizes he forgot a club at the previous hole and returns to get it. In order to save time and without authorization, the player's caddie marks, lifts and cleans his ball on the putting green so his fellow competitors may play. The player arrives at the putting green, takes the ball from the caddie, replaces it and holes his putt. What is his score for the hole? A. 3 B. 4 C. 5 Answer: B. The player incurs a one-stroke penalty for the ball being lifted without authorization. Under proposed Rule 14.1, the caddie will be permitted to lift the player's ball without authorization. In stroke play, a player's ball comes to rest on a cart path through the green. Leaving the original ball in place on the cart path, the player drops a new ball within one club-length of the nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole and plays to the putting green. What is the ruling? A. There is no penalty. B. The player incurs a one-stroke penalty. C. The player incurs a two-stroke penalty. Answer: C. Rule 24-2 does not permit a player to substitute a ball when the original ball is immediately recoverable. Proposed Rule 16.1b permits players to substitute a new ball when taking relief from obstructions or abnormal ground conditions ("abnormal course conditions"). 1 2 3 4 Ryan Farb is the NCGA's Director of Rules and Competitions. He recently earned his second straight perfect 100 score on the PGA/USGA Rules exam. Can I get a ruling here?

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