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6 SPRING 2018 | NCGA.ORG F R O M T H E E D I T O R I was royally screwed. I was supposed to board a flight from New York's John F. Kennedy Airport to attend the King Hassan II Golf Trophy in Morocco as a guest of his majesty King Mohammed VI. To play golf with the likes of Sandy Lyle, Sam Torrance and Hall of Famer Billy Casper while exploring a country and culture I knew only from the big screen and visits to Epcot in Orlando. Following the little white ball has afforded me the chance to see different parts of the big ball and have my passport stamped in Argentina, Australia and Austria—and that's just the A's. Only in this instance, I didn't have my passport (to make a long story short, an ice storm grounded all of FedEx's planes and with it my passport in Memphis). It looked like I would need a magic carpet ride to get there without it. However, just when my long face was about to hit the floor, Mohammed, an official with Royal Maroc Airlines, raced over with the good news that fellow passenger, Prince Moulay Rachid, had assured him that I would be welcomed into the country. Getting my passport so I could return home? That would be my problem. As I boarded the flight, I smiled and thought, "It's good to know the King." The King Hassan II Trophy is billed as golf's most lavish affair. And for eight days, the pageantry was fit for a king. If you ever get a chance to play in a golf pro-am you won't find a better pro to be paired with than either James Hahn or Kay Cockerill, two Bay Area golfers who have made good and are profiled in this issue. They also would make pretty good companions on a golf trip to any of the four U.S. and one Canadian golf destinations our panel of experts recommend in this issue's cover story. Yes, golf travel can be glamorous, but as our columnist Brian Murphy points out in his back-page story there is much to love and cherish about the golf in our own back- yard as PGA Tour pro Zac Blair, a self-confessed golf junkie, discovered during a four-day, nine course Buddy Trip of some of NorCal's finest. Of the California Golf Club of San Francisco, he tweeted: The course is unreal. #SignMeUp #NewNationalMember. Get in line, Zac. As Blair can attest, Cal Club, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, has never looked better. When I win the Powerball lottery, it is a club I'd certainly entertain joining—if they'd have me—because I'd love to play it on a regular basis. First, I'll have to master the putting tips put forth in this issue by The Olympic Club's Director of Player Development Matt Kilgariff and his Assistant Head Professional Willie Toney. Golf simply is more fun when we make more putts and they show us how it can be done. Sometimes, finding the hole is like trying to travel without identification—in other words, a lost cause. Fortunately for me, my grandmother overnighted my passport to Rabat, but there still was one problem with getting back home. Customs officials stared quizzically at me wondering why I lacked any evidence of ever having entered the country. I was escorted into a dank, dimly-lit room to be interrogated. This is when Q or Moneypenny usually arrive to clear James Bond. My face grew pale and I tried gamely to explain my unusual circumstances. "Ah, you play in the King's tournament," my interrogator said, his partner nodding in agreement. Smiles creased their face and they stamped my passport. I had made it, with one last surprise to come. I had been upgraded to first class. But by that point, I expected nothing less. Have Passport Will Travel B Y ADAM SCHUPAK, EDITOR THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA GOLF ASSOCIATION Volume 38, Number 2 E ditorial and Business Office: Northern California Golf Association 3 200 Lopez Road, Pebble Beach, CA 93953 P: 831-625-4653;; NCGA Staff: C hief Executive Officer: J oe Huston M anaging Editor, Asst. 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