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50 SUMMER 2018 | NCGA.ORG PUTTING: 9-6-3 When giving lessons, Iqbal emphasizes putting, which he views as the best way for players to separate themselves from the field. "The better putter you are, the better your scores," he said. "I really like to focus on putting. The beauty of the game is there." I qbal wants players to practice difficult putts under pressure to build confidence no matter what they face during competition. He is a fan of a 9-6-3 drill in which players must make three putts from 9 feet, three putts from 6 feet, then three putts from 3 feet, with each distance marked by a tee. If the player misses any putt, they must start over at 9 feet. "It creates an environment where you feel like you have to knock this putt in." Iqbal likes to pick putts that curve left or right and start at the longer distance so the player can work on developing a feel for green reading, speed and break all at once. Sabrina said she has become pretty accomplished with the drill, but she feels the tension grow with each progres- sive stroke. "There's a lot of pressure, because if you don't complete it, you have to start over," she said. "It correlates well to the course and tournaments, because those are the putts that I expect to make. That kind of pressure on myself sim- ulates what happens on the golf course, so it's a really good drill to get into the moment and make those pressure putts." SWING AID TO PROMOTE PUTTING FEEL Iqbal likes his students to work on their putti ng fe e l and c e nte r c ontac t wi th the Orange Whip Putter. The club is counter - balanced with a heavy g rip section and a heavy head, and it has a flexible shaft, which promotes tempo and rhythm. The face is slightly curved, forcing the player to focus on dead-center contact to roll the ball to the hole. "It trains you to not go too fast with your hands and maintain a smooth stroke to hit the ball the distance you're looking for," Iqbal said.

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