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which allows the golfer to set up the putter 6 7 NCGA.ORG | SUMMER 2018 59 of SUCCESS 1 Wilson Staff 8802 O ver the years, the sleek 8802 has won dozens of professional and amateur tournaments. It i s famous for its use by Arnold Palmer and many other touring pros. Despite all the m odern mallet putters in the marketplace, this blade is experiencing a resurgence. T he updated head now tips the scales at 335 grams, providing more weight and improved feel. MSRP $180 | 2 Honma Beres PP-202 The PP-202 from Honma has been renovated and updated while maintaining the identical head shape of its previous model. Honma calls this a "premium-feel" mallet. It is made of soft 303 stainless steel, and new finishes are black, platinum and gold. With revised tungsten placement, the putter's center of gravity is now deeper, which improves roll. A new face plate also enhances the feel. MSRP $570 black or platinum, $950 gold | 3 Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 The Newport 2 is one of seven "next generation" putters in the Scotty Cameron Select lineup. All seven have been updated, and the Newport 2—made famous by Tiger Woods—has 30% more vibration dampening materials than previous models. From one week to the next, the Newport 2 generally emerges as the most popular individual model on the PGA Tour. MSRP $425 | 4 TaylorMade Spider Tour Red T his is often called the Jason Day putter, because Day was instrumental in the d evelopment of this eye-catcher. In addition to Day, many other touring pros, including S ergio Garcia, who won the 2017 Masters with it, have used or experimented with the S pider Tour Red. It has a stainless steel frame with a lightweight aluminum body, allowing weight to be positioned at the extremities of the putter. The result is more stability. MSRP $299 | 5 Odyssey EXO Seven This putter, along with others in the EXO family, gives golfers two shape options – a double-bend for a face-balanced mallet or a S-Neck for those who want a mallet with toe hang. Also new is the White Hot Microhinge face insert. The purpose here is better feel with a smoother roll. In a word, Odyssey has built more forgiveness into its EXO putter line. MSRP $299 | 6 Cleveland TFi 2135 Elevado There is something special about this mallet putter, from its unique alignment aid to its solid feel to the smooth roll produced on both long and short putts. Dollar for dollar, the Elevado is a great bargain. The 2135 alignment technology raises the sightline 21.35 millimeters off the ground, which is the exact center of the golf ball. This assures pinpoint alignment regardless of a golfer's setup position. MSRP $150 | 7 PING Vault 2.0 C hoices galore are available in the new Vault 2.0 line. There are six models (Dale Anser, Voss, B60, ZB, Piper, Ketsch) three premium finishes (Stealth, Platinum, Copper), three d ifferent sole weights (standard, plus 15 grams, minus 15 grams), and four different P ING grips (Pistol, PP60, PP61, PP62). All the Vault putters are precision milled from 303 stainless steel. MSRP $325 | 8 SeeMore Copper FGP SeeMore is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a Copper FGP putter, inspired by the FGP model that captured three different major championships – U.S. Open (Payne Stewart) plus Masters and Open Championship (Zach Johnson). SeeMore was founded in Sunnyvale by brothers James and Mark Weeks, and is run by Stanford graduate Jim Grundberg. This new version has a copper finish and utilizes its riflescope technology, known by a visible gun sight on the top line, the same way each and every time in relation to the intended target line. MSRP $250 | 8

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